Mazel Tov Cocktail (Rap-Video)

Familienalbum, Fundgrube, Oy!

Vor einer Weile haben wir den Mazel Tov Cocktail bereits als Foto gefeatured. Hier kommt endlich der Track zum Cocktail. Mit twerkenden Orthodoxen, Fashion-Streimels und falschen echten Bärten!

..und für die Kabarap-Student*innen unter uns der Text noch mal für eine Exegese:

Lyrics: I said to myself, the Magid of Midwood is no one to fuck with. And I said to myself the Freshbitzer Rebbe is no one to fuck with And then I said to myself Mazel Tov Cocktail is no one to fuck with And then I said a kal vechomer Hebrew Nationalz are no one to fuck with! Yo it’s the Freshbitzer Rebbe coming straight out the shtiebel Rocking this mike for all my chosen people Deposing evil Mitzvah tank drive bys Lay down rhymes to Moses at Sinai Come to open your mind’s eye Try and stop me My rhymes are so deep you got to read the Rashi Wherever I go the ladies they love me I get around like Eliyahu HaNavi Up in the club with bubbe, we shep mad nachas I might shtup a shiksa whore, just for practice I’m O to the R: Original Rebbe These rhymes free minds like I’m raiding Entebbe My mezuzah’s gold plated, bitch you better kiss it Your hashkafah is whack, so you know I’m gonna diss it Sitting in the sukkah with my big booty bitches When it comes to eating pussy, I’ve got two sets of dishes! That’s what’s up! Dropping the emes on that keppe It’s the Almighty Mazel Tov Cocktail Mazel Tov Cocktail Dropping knowledge from the tree R-H-Y-M-I-N-G Tah Shemah motherfuckers, I’m the Magid of Midwood I drop more hot verses than there are in the Talmud I’ve got more middos than Brooklyn’s got potholes And I give out tochacha like Dikembe Motumbo I roll all my joints in peteks from the Kotel I always make a minyan with the ho’s outside the motel I eat smoked fish. I smoke fat spliffs I’ve got schnapps on the rocks and a potato knish Stayed up spitting shiva for my crew that passed away Do a lot of teshuva, drink a lot of alize I got a flanken a flegul a kugel and a keegul My latkes are so hot, cuz, you would think they are illegal Haters a malicious, kasha varnishkas delicious Step to me, I’ll bust a cap in your kishkes I held up a Torah, yeah just to show ya My rhymes are so smooth, you gotta say they’re glatt kosher. New York City, consider yourself warned! Mazel Tov Cocktail dropping knowledge from the tree R-H-Y-M-I-N-G That’s right! Mazel Tov Cocktail coming for that tuchas The Freshbitzer Rebbe! The Magid of Midwood! DJ Mixmaster Moyel on the ones and twos! And all you shtinker rap crews had best protect your haldz Zei Gezunt, y’all.